Localize2020 Overview

Localize2020 was held on the 27th of October. Jointly organized by Transifex and e2f, the online conference attracted more than 250 attendees from over 30 countries, who were deeply interested in localization automations and all the upcoming industry innovations and trends. During the conference, industry leaders from high-velocity tech companies shared their experiences in building scalable localization workflows and engaged in interactive discussions with the panels and the audience.



Welcome: State of Translation

Michel Lopez, CEO of e2f

Things to be Excited for in Localization in 2021

Dimitris Glezos, Founder & CEO of Transifex

Drive Growth by Selecting the Right Markets

Don DePalma & Arle Lommel, CSA Research

Panel: Bringing Localization at the Speed of Development

Lupe Gervás Pabón, Disney+, prev. Quora
Jeff Beatty, Mozilla
Marina Choikhet, Protonmail
Dimitris Glezos, Transifex

Using Machine Translation to Make Cyclists Faster

Brandon Nied, COO of TrainerRoad
Michel Lopez, CEO of e2f

Panel: Automating Workflows to the Extreme

Hameed Afssari, Uber
Robert Bauch, HubSpot
Dimitris Glezos, Transifex

Leveraging the Best of Every MT Engine Available

Konstantin Savenkov, CEO of Intento